Coal Single Roll Crusher

Coal has always been one of the major mineral resources in China, and its utilization value is relatively high. It is an energy source that can directly improve economic growth. In recent years, our country has been in the mining of coal resources, make full use of this advantage has changed the vast territory and abundant resources, lack of foreign Chinese use of technology resources view.

The advangtage of our products

The new coal single roll crusher has a very good application as a large piece of coal that can break down the relatively large humidity. The machine is light in weight, small in size, low in the whole machine, large in grain size and has relatively large comminution, and has been a new type of coal crushing equipment praised by various large coal mines and coal preparation plants. So, single roll crusher in the broken coal has great significance. single roll crusher will be crushed coal dedicated crusher.

Some small and medium-sized machinery processing enterprises in our country have made great progress in the coal crushing and processing equipment, and made great breakthroughs in the field of technology. Without relying on some foreign machinery and equipment, we can produce our own childish products. Among them, SBM machine as a leader in mine production equipment, production of a series of coal crushing and processing equipment, the single roll crusher is my company's flagship product, the coal processing and this has a very important effect.

Compared with similar products at home and abroad, the new type coal single roll crusher mainly shows five aspects:

  • 1, with screening and crushing two major functions.
  • 2, two teeth roller between non round, non meshing, non constant speed operation.
  • 3, double overload protection.
  • 4, flexible assembly and easy maintenance.
  • 5, Reasonable structure and long service life.

Its working principle and main structure are: the use of special wear-resistant gear roller, high-speed rotation of the material fragmentation, fragmentation, forming a high efficiency of the production mechanism. The coal single roll crusher is composed of a transmission device, a frame part, a crushing roller, a mechanical spring device, a linkage mechanism, etc..

Single roll crusher not only has great significance to the broken coal, it also applies to other industries, such as: metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials and so on, the applicability is very extensive.

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