How About The Performance Of Jaw Crusher Machines

Jaw crusher machines are the most common crushing equipment in the mining industry. They are widely used for processing all kinds of stones and ores. The types and series of jaw crusher machines are a lot as well, such as pe series jaw crusher machines, pew series jaw crusher machines and so on. How about the performance of these jaw crusher machines? How do these jaw crusher machines work? Let’s find the answers.

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Jaw crusher is mainly composed of fixed jaw plate, activity jaw plate, board, frame, the up and down guard board, adjusting device, a moving pull rod, etc. When the jaw crusher is at work, activated slabs have periodic reciprocating motion towards fixed jaw plates, sometimes close, sometimes leave. When close to the fixed jaw plates, the material is squeezed between the two plates, splitting, and impact and then been broken. When leave to the fixed jaw plates, materials have been broken by gravity from discharging mouth eduction.

In the process of the huge stones broken into small stones, the first line of crusher is usually the "primary" crusher. The “primary” crusher is usually the jaw crusher machine. Jaw crusher is the strongest crusher with the longest history. When feeding the jaw crusher, materials from the top of the entrance are sent into the crushing chamber that contains jaw teeth. Jaw teeth with great force will throw material to the room wall, and the materials will be broken into smaller stones.

Part of supporting the jaw teeth movement is an eccentric shaft. The eccentric shaft is through the fuselage structure. Eccentric motion is usually produced by flywheels that are fixed on both sides of the body of jaw crusher machine. Spherical roller bearings are often used for supporting the flywheel and eccentric shaft. Bearings must withstand the huge impact load, and high temperature abrasion sewage. Bearing is one of the important parts of the jaw crusher machines.

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