How Can Operators Keep The Mining Machines In Good Repair

Any machines could be broken when they are at work. The mining machines are not exceptions. How can operators keep the mining machines in good repair? Many operators should know this answer very clearly in order to prolong the mining machines’ service time. The mining machines have various types and they have different maintenance methods. Let’s look at some common types of mining machines and the maintenance methods for these machines.

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How To Keep The Jaw Crusher In Good Repair

The jaw crusher machine is one of the common types of crusher machines. When jaw crusher machines are at work, they should be maintained at a regular time. How can operators maintain such machines well? There are some regular methods as the following. The following are the main methods for jaw crusher machines' maintenance.

First method is that close the jaw crusher and then checks the machine at a regular time. At the time of the switch any other crushing equipment, operators should pay attention to shut down jaw broken machine. After closing the device, operators should check the abrasion of the inside of the machine, such as center of the upper and lower feed tube, cone hat, impeller flow channel lining board, circular plate, the wear-resisting degree of wear and tear. If the jaw crusher machines have severe worn parts, they should be replaced in a timely manner and to repair these parts.

The second method is that belt of jaw broken should be at regularly check. Jaw broken belt is indispensable in stone production line. The drive of the machine depends on the conveyor belt. Operators should regularly adjust tightness of the conveyor belt in order to guarantee the machine to receive strength evenly in conveyor belt. When double motor drive, on both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped selection and make its every length as consistent as possible. If the belt is worn out too much, they should be changed in time.

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