Indian Quartz Processing Plant

Quartz stone, quartz as the main material, a scraping flower, no pollution, more environmentally friendly, not old, high temperature resistant, non-toxic, no radiation and other characteristics, is an excellent public buildings, home decoration, interior decoration and other fields of the natural green stone. In recent years, with the continuous shortage of machine-made sand, India quartzite has become an important raw material for construction sand, it is widely used in urban construction, roads, railways, water conservancy, bridges and other industrial sectors.

The advangtage of our products

Quartz processing plant is usually used for sand production line, divided into dry and wet two different forms, the selection of equipment are as follows:

First, equipment combination of production line

1. Dry sand making: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + counter crusher / cone crusher + circular vibrating screen + belt conveyor;

2, wet sand making: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher / cone crusher + circular vibrating screen + sand washing machine + (dryer) + belt conveyor.

Two. Introduction of production line equipment

jaw crusher: the equipment is the coarse crushing treatment of quartz stone, with small size, simple structure, light weight, good quality, high efficiency, high yield and so on;

impact crusher: the crushing of stone is the main function of impact, it has the advantages of durable, high quality and low price, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, low noise and so on;

cone crusher: the choice of cone breaking can also be fine processing of quartz stone, its technical content is high, the performance advantage is more significant, with the characteristics of safety, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, easy operation, high efficiency, high yield and so on;

circular vibrating screen: the crushed stone will be divided into a variety of specifications through the circular vibrating screen, the equipment itself is simple structure, multi-layer screening, power saving, low consumption, small footprint, less investment, long life, less failures;

sand washing machine: in wet sand process, the finished sand cleaning, cleaning, sand washing machine is an important work, the single bucket, bucket wheel and other forms of wheel, has the characteristics of easy operation, more durable, saving water and electricity, high efficiency, environmental protection etc..

Quartz processing plant equipment manufacturers

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