Iron Ore Pellet Plant Technology

The pelletizing approach has now been completed. The pellets are run via a final screening to remove these not meeting size specifications or those that happen to be chipped or broken into fines. Pellets that meet the necessary standards are conveyed for the pellet stockpile, which holds about 30,000 tons.

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iron ore pellet plant equipment

An iron ore pelletizing plant involves various sorts of equipment. The important places or method would be the concentrator, balling, induration and handling. The concentrator is exactly where the ore is ground to a fine size normally 80% - 45 micron powder and separated from other impurities by magnetic separation and flotation. The balling location is exactly where the powdered ore is mixed with water, binder and rolled in rotating drums to create spherical balls. The induration location basically could be broken down into 3 locations: grate, kiln, cooler. The grate area is where the pellets are dried as well as the induration process is began. The pellets at this stage are becoming stable and may be dropped into the kiln without the need of braking. The kiln is used to drive heat in to the pellets to force the reaction throughout the pellet. In an work to recoup all the heat which is at present within the pellet after the kiln, the pellets fall into a cooler.

iron ore pelletizing process

A pellet plant consists of a series of balling drums where the iron ore concentrate is formed into soft pellets, in a great deal the exact same manner that one particular rolls a snowball, to create a pellet concerning the size of a marble (among 1/4" and 1/2"). Pellets are screened to meet the size specification, with undersized or oversized pellets crushed and returned for the balling drums.

The soft pellets are then delivered to the roller feeder for final removal in the fines, that are also returned for the balling circuits. Now the soft pellets, correctly sized, are delivered towards the traveling grate furnace for further drying and preheating. The grate is fired by natural gas.

From this point, the pellets are charged into the significant rotary kiln exactly where they're heat hardened at two,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The pellets are discharged in to the revolving cooler after which moved for the pellet screening plant, onto the pellet load out program. The entire procedure consumes power within the type of electricity and natural gas. More than the previous quite a few years, millions of dollars happen to be spent to improve energy efficiency and to recoup waste heat and re-use it inside the approach. These efforts have significantly decreased expenditures on energy.

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