Marble Granite Processing Plant

The marble granite because of its high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties become the current construction engineering, road construction, road decoration material of choice material, appearance and color of the marble granite weathering, the marble granite aggregate processing can be used in more industries. Marble and granite generally need to use crushing equipment and milling equipment, the following for you recommend several crushing equipment and milling equipment.

The advangtage of our products

Granite hardness only to diamond second, than the river gravel, limestone and marble is more difficult to break up, it will be the choice of crushing equipment quality, to achieve the desired product crushing size, and reduce the consumption of as much as possible. The crushing equipments of granite mainly include jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, etc..

Introduction of granite and marble processing flow

The marble granite blasting down the hill and into the vibration feeder by truck will be smaller than the marble granite, marble, granite and uniform vibration feeder into the jaw crusher, jaw crusher is the first section of marble granite crushing machine, from the stone crusher, vibrating feeder through material into the crusher of second stage crushing and through the circular vibration sieve grading material screening, larger than the finished material back to counterattack broken broken, finished by belt conveyor to finished area.

Granite and marble milling equipment

The selection of grinding equipment for marble and granite is very important. How to produce granite stone with uniform size and high quality is an important index for investment in granite milling. Marble granite grinding equipment mainly uses Raymond mill, the equipment produced by our company has superior performance, stable quality, simple operation, convenient maintenance and other advantages, is the ideal equipment for ultrafine powder processing. The fineness range of processing material is between 300 mesh and 2500 mesh, and the smallest is 3000 mesh.

Advantages of SBM production design of marble granite production line equipment

  • 1, all levels of crushing equipment matching reasonable, strict spatial layout.
  • 2, It has the characteristics of small occupation area, high investment and economic benefit, good quality of crushed stone, yield of stone powder and so on.
  • 3, The whole process has smooth discharge, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • 4, The production line can flexibly adjust the size of finished sand stone according to the different granularity requirements of sandstone aggregate in different construction period.
  • 5, To solve the problem of fatal production of traditional processing equipment and processing of finished aggregate grain shape unqualified, wear equipment also overcomes traditional technology and equipment according to the performance of machining hard rock seriously cause the production cost of the disadvantages.

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