Pozzolana Manufacturing Process Plant

Although the volcano hazards, but the pozzolana is a natural fertilizer, it contains a variety of nutrients needed to grow crops. Cuba and Indonesia are rich in sugarcane, and fruits are abundant in China and the United States, which are related to the contribution of volcanoes. At the same time, it is found that pozzolana can be used as concrete lightweight aggregate. Such as exterior wall board, floor slab, roof board, roof insulation layer, insulation layer; small hollow block; heat resistant concrete; cement active mixing material; preparation of non clinker cement; building decoration materials; insulation materials.

The advangtage of our products

It is understood that in addition to the application of the concrete in building materials, pozzolana manufacturing process plant in the chemical industry after the mill flour is also used for filtering agent, desiccant and catalyst; pozzolana can also be used for industrial production of optical glass filler, high abrasive, polishing agent, plastics and other chemical products such as rubber filler filler. Some people use pozzolana as a carrier of pesticides and a control agent for fertilizers.

Some countries for the development and utilization of the heat building sand material are exhausted, and the pozzolana and pumice, resource poor, forcing it to accelerate to find substitutes at home, plus diatomite, perlite, clay, shale, slag, fly ash, plastic powder materials such as the comprehensive performance of pumice, pozzolana and volcano the slag is excellent. And pozzolana manufacturing process plant cost is more expensive. Being used in building limited. The pumice and pozzolana are easy to excavate and have low cost, so they are used in the construction industry all over the world.

Pozzolana is a volcanic eruption with a diameter less than 2 millimeters of gravel and mineral particles. In the application of various industries, we still need a crusher and mill power, due to the nature of the pozzolana slag, fly ash and other similar materials, the pozzolana manufacturing process plant selection we can refer to these substances on the market commonly used jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, Raymond mill, superfine grinding machine etc. can be used as the pozzolana manufacturing process plant.

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