Silica Sand Washing Plant

Silica sand is the silica as raw materials, crushing, sand, sand washing, SiO2 content after drying made under 98.5% silicate minerals, high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, is widely used in glass, ceramics, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, aviation, architecture and other fields.

The advangtage of our products

In order to improve the quality, improve the industrial value of silica sand, Shanghai SBM designed a high silica sand production line, flexible operation, stable operation, low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, well received by users. The following is the configuration of production line equipment manufacturers, the introduction of silica sand.

In the reasonable allocation of silica sand plant production line, the silica sand washing process of sand and gravel factory is introduced: the sand and gravel material is sent to the silo after the forklift or conveyor belt, and the cleaning machine is cleaned on the feeding conveyor at the bottom of the silo. The original vibration sieve sieve separation stone washing machine vibration from high to low gravel and sand stone and two kinds of sieve, raw material screening and sieving stone washing.

Washing and cleaning sieve vibration stone stone through the sand washing machine discharge end, finally transported to the finished goods inventory of finished stone gravel by vibrating conveyor, sand washing machine cleaning production wastewater and separation sieve through the washing machine into the sand washing machine for sand washing operation in the chute bottom. In the sand washing machine, sand screening machine after continuous rolling washing, stirring, kneading, friction, so as to achieve the cleaning effect of sand and mud separation. Sand washing machine cleaning sand directly by the spiral push, finally through the discharge port of the sand washing machine is introduced, and then the finished sand conveyor save washing sand pile, clean up the sewage through the sand washing machine is returned in the sewers, water recycling system by precipitation pool.

best silica sand washing plant manufacturers

Sand washing machine is mainly made of silica sand cleaning, removal of impurities, generally use the wheel sand washing machine, because the structure of the equipment is very simple, minimal energy consumption, high efficiency, good effect of sand washing, water saving, energy saving, green environmental protection; in addition, the quality of wheel sand washing machine is very strong. The basic is not limited by the environment, and the price is cheaper, the cost is very high.

Our company produces XSD series sand washing machine, sand washing machine of this series is composed of three side sink below the weir plate formed by the sedimentation tank, and the spiral head not into the sedimentation tank, the spiral propulsion principle of sand washing, dewatering, this series of models according to a 15 degree angle arrangement, can also be used in metallurgical industry grading operation.

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