Talc Powder Machinery Production

At present in the industrial production of talc powder is mainly used in plastics, medicine, papermaking, cosmetic, paint and other chemical industry production, currently on the market of 325 mesh talc to thousands to fine talc has different needs, low purity of talcum powder used in paper mill, high purity, talcum powder the use of production in the paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other relatively high-end industry. Generally speaking, the fine degree of talc is affected by talc powder machinery production.

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In talc production process, summed up, talc production is mainly mineral processing, crushing and milling three steps, different steps required talc processing equipment is different. In the dressing after impact crushing and alternate use method of circular screen, use the talc powder machinery production to separate quartz and carbonate minerals from talc, talc powder mill and then start working.

At present our country talc processing to dry processing as the main processing method, can be broken and Natural talc grinding of excellent processing equipment based on the use of talcum powder by mechanical impact crusher, Raymond mill, jet mill, these are the main processing equipment, production of 200 mesh, 325 mesh and 500-1250 mesh talc. Dry process production of talc powder is selected from the slippery stones to break in a dry, crushing, fine grinding and superfine grinding of talc powder, if using superfine grinding mill, production of talcum powder can reach 500 to 5000 to a fine degree.

Superfine talc powder is the most widely used powder in the world, which can be used in paper industry, plastic production, coating and paint production, etc.. But with the continuous development of the plastics industry, talcum powder is also used in the production of automobile and home appliance industry of plastic, so the market demand for talc is more and more high, which also promotes the innovation of talc powder machinery production. The higher the level of application of talcum powder, talc powder mill equipment requirements are also higher, more in need of superfine grinding machine, high pressure powder processing equipment suspension mill of this type, in order to make the output of talcum powder.

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