200 Mesh Grinding Mill

What kind of grinding mill is the most popular in selecting 200 mesh stone powder? For the processing of stone powder with 200 mesh fineness, it is suitable for many kinds of flour milling equipment, such as the traditional Raymond mill, the new high pressure mill, the advanced European pattern grinding machine, the ball mill and so on. 200 purpose and fineness of daily edible flour almost, this fineness of talcum powder can be used in medicine, bath powder, food additives, medicine prescriptions, plastics, rubber, paper and other industries, different applications with large difference of the content of talc and so on grinding mill production requirements are not the same.

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What kind of grinding mill is suitable for grinding 200 mesh stone powder? Which mill produces the most?

Analysis of the type of 200 mesh grinding mill

1, the ball mill is a kind of traditional horizontal milling equipment, models, value ranging from 0.65-90 tons / hour of production, so the maximum value of energy efficient milling for 90 tons, due to the working principle of ball mill restrictions have certain drawbacks in fineness, the maximum fineness is 200 mesh, and ball milling is mainly suitable for iron ore dressing aluminum ore, copper ore and other metal ore powder, talcum powder is also of course.

2, the traditional Raymond mill processing following 9.3 all kinds of ore, between the range of 35-425 mesh fineness adjusted 5R mill fineness of 200 mesh talc under the maximum yield of 9.5 tons / hour, the output of large 6R, 7R Raymond machine more, and milling have great improvement on the uniformity of finished products.

3, MTW175 belongs to the largest European format milling machine, the application of advanced technology of bevel gear transmission device, automatic lubrication system, equipment operation more energy saving, less dust, the highest quality specifications of products in all types of grinder milling equipment, the maximum output of 25 tons / hour.

From the above analysis of four types of mill, grinding mill are suitable for 200 mesh powder grinding down, the user can choose according to the specific situation, but Shanghai SBM remind the majority of customers, because the scope of application of talcum powder, not only confined to the 200 state of powder grinding, 325 mesh and 800 mesh state amount is more also, for more than 200 mesh fineness of mill to be separately considered, such as ball mill is not suitable for more than 200 mesh fineness powder processing.

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