Construction Waste Crusher

The crushing of solid material into a small piece is called crushing by means of external forces (force, mechanical force, electric power) to overcome the internal force of solid material. Crushing operation of construction waste is one of the important auxiliary operations in the process of construction waste disposal. The main purpose of crushing operation is to reduce the particle size of construction waste and increase the uniformity of its shape, so as to carry out the subsequent processing process. For example, the size of the crushing operation can make the construction waste became small, uniform, reduced in the gap between the capacity of waste material increased, so the construction waste can save space in storage, transportation can improve the transport capacity; on the crushed construction waste separation, screening, magnetic separation and other construction waste winnowing, because the size of construction waste evenly, increase liquidity, which can greatly improve the separation efficiency and quality, broken after treatment of construction waste and to landfill disposal of high density.

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1, the basic way of construction waste crusher

There are two kinds of construction waste crushing methods: mechanical crushing and physical crushing. Mechanical crushing is the crushing of solid waste by means of various crushing machines. The main crushing machines are collar crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher and shear crusher, etc.. The basic principle of crushing the construction waste by crusher is that the strong outsiders forced the garbage block to be crushed and broken into a smaller volume by using the crusher to produce the garbage block on the building garbage. According to the characteristics of crushing material, the crushing method of material is divided into impact, shear, extrusion, milling, tearing and other categories.

There are four kinds of crushing methods commonly used in construction waste crusher:

  • Crushing: the material is subjected to a slowly increasing pressure between the two planes, and is crushed when the crushed material reaches its crushing strength limit. This method is often used for large pieces of materials.
  • Grinding: the material is milled into fine particles by rubbing between two metal surfaces or various shapes of abrasives. This phenomenon only occurs when the shear stress of the material reaches its shear strength limit. This method is used for fine grinding of small pieces of materials.
  • Fragmentation: material due to the wedge shaped object, the tensile stress of materials to tensile strength of materials limited time, the material split and broken.
  • Smash: the material is crushed in the moment by the external impact force. This method can be done in many ways. Such as high speed rotating hammer impact block, high speed moving block impact to fixed steel plate. It is suitable for brittle materials to be crushed by this method.

In fact, any kind of crushing machine can not be crushed in only one way, usually in two or more than two ways to join together for crushing, such as extrusion and bending, impact and grinding, etc.. When crushing materials, it is more suitable to choose which method must be determined according to the physical properties of the material, the size of the block and the degree of fragmentation. For example, hard materials, using extrusion and impact crushing, and to worry about material, the extrusion belt grinding method for brittle crushing; and soft material, must use the way of splitting and impact crushing.

2, type of construction waste crusher

Because of the different crushing methods and the properties of materials, there are many kinds of crusher models to meet the needs of practical work. Construction waste crusher can be divided according to its operation object or structure and working principle. According to the operation object can be divided into the following three kinds.

  • Coarse crusher: used for the first crushing of large pieces of materials, the maximum material diameter can be processed more than 1m, mainly crushed by crushing method. The grinding ratio is not big, generally less than 6.
  • Medium crusher: the granularity of the treated material is usually no more than 350mm, and is crushed mainly by crushing or crushing. Because this kind of crusher usually includes fine crushing work, so the grinding is relatively large, generally 3-20, and individual can reach more than 30.
  • Fine grinding machine: used to grind oil particles of 2-60mm size, the size of the product is not more than 0.1-0.3mm, the smallest fine can be less than 0.1mm, the crushing ratio can reach more than 1000.

According to the structure and working principle of construction waste crusher, there are several main types.

  • Jaw crusher: it relies on the movable jaw plate to do periodic reciprocating movement, and it will crush the material between the two jaw plates.
  • Cone crusher: the outer cone is fixed, the inner cone is eccentric shaft (or eccentric sleeve) belt action eccentric rotation, the material between the two cone by pressure and bending force and broken.
  • Hammer crusher: the block is impacted by the high speed rotating hammer and the block itself is impacted by high speed fixed fixed plate.
  • Wheel mill: crushing and grinding of material on a disk rotating cylindrical roller.

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