Dolomite Processing Flowsheet

Dolomite is a kind of common stones in the nature. The products of dolomite can be applied into many industries. So, the processing of dolomite in mining industry is very popular. There are many machines are at demands for dolomite processing. For example, various crusher machines, grinding mill machines and some suitable ancillary machines can be applied in the dolomite processing plants. In the dolomite processing plants, all the machines should work together to fulfil the whole processing of dolomite. So, how about the dolomite processing flowsheet?

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Flowsheet Of Dolomite Processing

As we all know, many stone processing plants can be divided into several different processing stages, such as crushing stage, grinding stage, screen stage and so on. In the different processing stage, the materials are processed in different ways. For example, in the crushing stage, the raw materials are mainly processed by various crusher machines. In the grinding stage, materials are mainly processed by all kinds of grinding mill machines. The fineness of the materials in different processing stages is different as well.

According to the clients’ demands for the fineness of final products, clients can assemble different dolomite processing plants with different processing stages. The flowsheet of dolomite processing is very simple as long as the machines are suitable. First, the raw materials will be sent into the crushing machines by vibrating feeders. In the crushing machines, the materials will be processed into small pieces to prepare for the next processing stages. Second, the materials will be sent into grinding mill machines if necessary for further processing until the raw materials are processed into required size.

In addition to these two processing stages, the screen processing stage and separation processing stage can be in the dolomite processing plants as well for different purposes. In the screen processing stage, materials can be classified into several different grades with the different specifications. It is all the clients’ choice for what the flowsheet of dolomite processing will be like.

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