Mtw Millings For Mica Processing

Mtw millings for mica processing are very common. In the mining industry, the grinding mill machines for mica processing have various types and models. It is applied into grinding processing, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, mineral products processing and solid waste materials. Such milling machines are suitable for various non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials, which Moh’s hardness is under 7 and humidity is below 6%.

The advangtage of our products

Grinding Mill Machines’ Advantages

MTW series of the European version of ladder mill adopts advanced technology with world leading level, such as the conical gear driven spindle overall transmission, curved blade, low resistance curved duct and several new patented technology. It can meet customers’ demand for 1.6mm-0.038mm (10-425 mesh) fine powder production.

In the mtw millings, the curved blade design is unique and the materials can be oriented facade, which makes the grinding roller grind uniformly. And it can increase the effective working area and improve the yield as well. High efficiency cage-shaped powder selecting machine can ensure that the velocity field is stable and the shell with cage rotor adopts pneumatic sealing, which can effectively eliminate the "coarse powder" phenomenon.

Millings For Mica Processing

Mica products have widely applications in many industries, especially in construction industry. The processing of mica is very popular as well in the mining industry. There are many mica processing plants in the stone quarrying sites. In the mica processing plants, the demanded machines are not the same sometimes. For example, if clients demands for the final products with high fineness, some ultrafine grinding mill machines are at demands in the mica processing plants.

In addition, the crusher machines can be applied into the mica processing plants. Crusher machines can process the mica into products with coarse fineness. According to the clients’ demands, the suitable types of crusher machines and grinding mill machines can be used for mica processing. In the mining industry, various types of crusher machines and grinding mill machines are at sale.

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