Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant, also known as mobile mobile crushing processing operation station is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and other materials, especially for highway, railway, hydropower engineering and other stone working process, the user can according to the requirements of various configurations using raw material types, different sizes of materials and finished products.

At present, mobile crushing station is mostly used for urban dismantling garbage disposal projects. Crushing and sieving of construction waste recycled aggregates become several different specifications and rules, which are the basic recycling and reuse projects of construction waste.

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Classification Of The Portable Crusher Plant

The portable crusher plant categories mobile jaw crusher and impact crusher, mobile cone mobile crushing device, mobile impact crusher, mobile station, shielding hydraulic crawler drive mobile station and tire type mobile crushing station, tracking types are divided into: Standard B: closed type C: single combination D: combination of two kinds of tire series; the mobile crusher according to the different needs of customers are divided into standard type and closed type. Classification And Advantages Of Portable Crusher Plant

Advantage of the portable crusher plant

  • 1.Strong Mobility: short tire mobile crusher degree, different crushing equipment is installed on a separate detachable chassis, short wheelbase and small turning radius, which can flexibly cooperate with the working area and normal road.
  • 2.Integrated Unit: integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminate complex site infrastructure installation work assembly, reduce material consumption time. The rational and compact layout of the unit space improves the flexibility of the existence of the site.
  • 3.Reduce Material Handling Costs: mobile crushing stations can process materials on site, do not need to move out of the field, and then process materials, greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.
  • 4.Direct and effective operation of the role: integrated mobile crushing equipment series, can be used independently, also can provide a more flexible process configuration for customer type, material requirements and products, to meet the needs of users of mobile crushing and screening mobile requirements, the resulting organization, logistics and transportation is more direct and effective. In order to reduce the cost for the maximum.
  • 5.Combination of flexibility and adaptability: Tire mobile crusher station by the "first off screen", according to the requirements of grinding process, but also the formation of the "first final process, combined with the sieve crushing station for crushing and crushing two kinds of crushing and screening system according to actual needs, but also can be combined into coarse crushing, crushing, crushing three secondary crushing and screening system, can also run independently, with great flexibility.

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