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At present, China's steel production capacity ranks first in the world, large production of self-evident. However, since the Steel making process will emit large amounts of steel slag, and steel slag is an industrial solid waste, if they can not be effective and rational use of its ,would be a huge waste of energy.

The advangtage of our products

The 84 million tons of steel slag newborn year. Steel slag can be used in many areas because of the potential hydraulic, high yield and low cost to become the first choice for the production of cement mixed materials, but also for asphalt mixes aggregate pavement layer. However, the recycling of steel slag processing also relatively backward state, compared with other developed countries, China's recycling rate is only about 10%.

In recent years, in the national development strategy put forward to improve the comprehensive utilization of steel slag is gradually being put on the agenda. Some companies began to take advantage of crushing and grinding equipment will be crushed steel slag processing. The advantage of this are able to effectively use all steel slag, and not a little waste, to solve the existing problems caused by steel slag processing intensive farmland and land, but also for the community to bring great social and economic benefits.

Shanghai SBM for the actual situation steel slag processing launched a special steel slag crushing plant --- cone crusher. This machine is the introduction of Germany advanced crushing technology developed, is crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crusher the perfect combination of cavity design. Five areas have the following characteristics:

  • 1, crushing chamber and more: cavity is divided into three different design, the user can choose according to the situation of high crushing efficiency, uniform particle size, grain shape is good, the bowl and long life wear uniform crushing cavity.
  • 2, dry oil seal dust: dust seal uses a unique structure, reliable sealing effect, effectively extending the life of the replacement cycle and parts of lubricating oil.
  • 3, support for large crushing force: choose a special key parts manufacturing materials.
  • 4, high yield: Compared with other models, the machine crushing wall length, stroke large, crushing force, can crushing chamber materials more effectively broken, broken material more each stroke.

Seen in this light, SBM steel slag crushing plant makes steel slag processing is no longer a problem. Steel slag crushing plant contribution to society for the construction of low carbon environmental protection.

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