Trapezium Grinders In Mining Industry

Trapezium grinders are often applied into building materials processing, chemical industry, metallurgy, materials, mining, thermal power and coal industry. All kinds of non-inflammable mineral materials, which grinding Mohs hardness is below level 9.3 and humidity is below 6%; such as cement (born clinker), coal, talc, quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, slag, limestone, barite, potassium sulfate, bentonite, etc. can be processed by trapezium grinders.

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Trapezium Grinders For Stone Processing

Trapezium mill machine is the world's leading industrial mill machine, which is based on many years of R & D industrial mill as well as the introduction of the world first-class industrial powder manufacturing technology. Such types of grinding mill machines can be produced by many different manufacturers in the mining industry. Technical experts and related engineering person design and test improve the development of machine. Trapezium grinders have widely applications in stone processing plants.

Structures Of Trapezium Grinders

With the excellent structure design of trapezium grinders, the performance of such machines is very excellent. The rollers and ring is designed into ladder, which can reduce the rollers and ring material's slip velocity, thus extending the material compaction time and improving the effect of crushing. Press spring with steady pressure effect and the elastic coupling damping effect is stable. Compared with other products, the whole point force of the machines has been improved about 40%. And the elastic coupling device can reduce the vibration and noise to avoid the resonance.

Equipped with high density powder- selected impeller machine, it can improve the powder precision. At a constant engine speed, improving leaf density can increase final product fineness. At the same power, finished product production is increased by more than 50%. Equipped with high efficient and energy-saving centrifugal induced draft fan, it can improve the efficiency of induced draft fan. The working principle of trapezium grinders is very simple and operators should know it clearly.

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