Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

Speaking of the ultra fine grinding mill, as the name suggests, the fineness of the processed material is the highest in the pulverizing equipment at present, and after the user's instructions, the ultra fine grinding mill not only has high fineness, but also yields no loss to other flour mills. From these two advantages, you can dominate the mill industry. But if you only know that the ultra fine grinding mill has only two advantages, you will not know it too much, because the advantage of the super fine flour mill is not only the fineness of the finished product.

The advangtage of our products

Ultra fine grinding mill safety and reliability than the current market for other types of milling machines, and the wear rate of high material utilization, is three times higher than other types of milling machines on the market, not only saves cost, saving time, which can be used to ultra fine grinding mill enterprises to create greater profit space.

The ordinary milling machine on the market in the process of using, because the grinding roller body, wear-resistant liner and roller bearings often in hard working, the wear rate is very high, especially the lining board, roller body and wear once worn, with the operation, will cause the slots, the huge friction between the grinding roller and the wear-resisting lining board, if more serious, the wear-resistant lining cracks and even rupture, causing damage to the machine, especially the gear reducer is damaged, causing the machine to strike, not only takes time, may also produce casualty accidents, it is particularly worth mentioning is that if the cause of such accidents, the mill is difficult to repair. Only to re purchase, and the service life of ultrafine  mill is ordinary life is long, rigorous design, not easy to damage.

Reducer common milling machine is easy to leak oil, not only a waste of oil, and has a great risk, but also affect the speed reducer leakage milling machine appearance, lead to difficulty in maintenance and trouble, while the use of ultra fine grinding mill, do not worry about oil spills, and in the operation of work can also give the grinding roller bearing room oiling, does not affect the duration. Easy to use, save manpower maintenance training.

Ultra fine grinding mill with low power consumption, high efficiency is also popular in the industry professionals from certain, not only cost savings in the use of the process, but also increase the yield of ultra fine grinding mill sand processing effect than ordinary mill effect kind on the market, of course, ultra fine grinding mill and one of the biggest advantages environmental protection, as we all know, dust in the air reaches a certain concentration will explode, and ultra fine grinding mill has a pulse dust remover, greatly reducing the dust production, to protect the life and health of workers and air cleanliness, and ultra fine grinding mill also installed muffler, improve the traditional mill noise, dust the disadvantages, reached the national standard of environmental protection.

ultra fine grinding mill for calcite powder

The use of calcite is very wide, and it can be said to cover all aspects of our daily production and life. We know that limestone can form a cave, and the cave stalactites and stalagmites is composed of calcite etc.. In addition, calcite ore after ultra fine grinding mill processing can be obtained with different specifications of the fineness of powder, chemical industry, building materials, and is now one of the most popular in many industries such as industrial raw materials.

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