Vibrating Feeders For Mining Stone

Vibrating feeders are widely used in metallurgy, mining, mineral processing, artificial sand, recycling of construction waste, building materials, chemical industry for stones or ores as well as many other raw materials processing, such as river gravel, granite, basalt, quartz, iron ore, limestone, etc. Vibrating feeder is also called vibration feeding machine. In the production process, the massive, granular and powdery materials are sent to the subject feeding device from the storage warehouse or funnel in uniform or quantitatively.

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Vibrating Feeders For Rock Mining

In the crushing production line, the product can be used as crushing machinery to be continuous and uniform feeding, and also can do the initial screening for material. High efficiency and low operating cost are the two main features of vibrating feeders in practice. It adopts the double eccentric shaft as the excitation source and amplitude stability, which can ensure the liquidity of vibrating ore rock material and reduce channel blocking phenomenon of material, so it has high efficiency.

Vibrating Feeder’s Working Principle

Vibrating feeder is composed of a feeding trough, vibrator, spring support and driving device. Vibration source of the body vibration feeder is vibrator. Vibrator is composed of two eccentric shaft (main, passive) and gear pair. The motor through the triangle belt drives shaft, and then the driving shaft gear driven shaft to rotate and the main, driven shaft reversely rotate at the same time to make the body vibration, so that material continuous flow and achieve the purpose of conveying material.

Functions Of Vibrating Feeders

It has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts and less wearing parts. This series of vibration machine has less power consumption and energy saving. High adaptability and less investment are another two features of vibrating feeders. It has high adaptability for all kinds of ores and rocks, especially for cohesive ore rock material, and it can work in dusty or more water environment. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, less investment and high performance price ratio.

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