Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony ore is refined antimony metal raw materials, China is rich in mineral resources but antimony ore mostly poor, low antimony content, can not be directly used, and thus must be low-grade ore of antimony ore beneficiation purification, industrial production reached grade requirements after can be used in industrial production, which means that most of antimony ore in the country will need to use antimony metal processing plant, then focus on the antimony metal processing plant really know your device?

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Many customers only care about antimony ore grade, nature, mining the degree of difficulty, but for antimony metal processing plant is just a little knowledge, so there has been this kind of problems purchase antimony metal processing plant equipment, resulting in investment failure. Here, Shanghai SBM remind the boss to buy antimony ore processing equipment must first understand the antimony metal processing plant, but also to understand the nature of the characteristics of their antimony ore.

Antimony sulfide ore is divided into antimony and antimony oxide mixed sulfide, which is the main method of beneficiation flotation and gravity separation. Different types of antimony metal processing is to use different methods of beneficiation, nature mentioned here contains both antimony ore grade, disseminated grain size, but also contains mineral structure and degree of oxidation. In-depth study of these select antimony ore processing equipment of great significance. Under normal circumstances all of antimony ore has good conditions for re-election, which means that most of the antimony metal processing can be purified by gravity separation equipment, but gravity separation equipment - disseminated antimony ore recoveries of less than flotation equipment, so for fine grained disseminated antimony sulfide ore flotation equipment you need to consider.

Antimony Metal Processing Equipment Work Site

The so-called antimony ore processing equipment, is the antimony ore beneficiation purification equipment, regardless of the method, as long as they let antimony ore grade increased to requirements of industrial production can be called antimony ore processing equipment, it is a very broad title, not a specific equipment, but referred to a group or set of equipment, a perfect antimony ore processing equipment must not only be able to antimony ore grade increased to industrial requirements, but also to ensure the efficiency of its beneficiation and beneficiation indicators meet expectations, which requires the antimony ore processing equipment must conform to the characteristics of the nature of antimony ore, whether the investment side will cause the failure of the outcome, then how to avoid investment antimony metal processing equipment failure? Shanghai SBM provide customers with a comprehensive test platform, you only need to bring ore samples came SBM machinery, our engineering staff will provide you with free detailed beneficiation tests, and the results of tests for you to design a reasonable beneficiation process and device configuration.

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