Crushers In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabia peninsula. East of the Persian Gulf, west of the Red Sea, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and other countries bordering. The coastline is 2437 kilometers long. The whole area is mostly a plateau. The Red Sea is a narrow plain, East syratt mountain. The east of the mountain gradually declined until the eastern plain. The desert is widely distributed in the northern Great nafud, south of the Lou Bo Harry desert. There is gold and silver, copper, iron, bauxite, phosphorus and other minerals. The onshore and offshore reservoirs of oil and gas in the eastern Persian Gulf are abundant.

The advangtage of our products

The territory of Saudi Arabia is high in the West and low in the east. The western plateau is characterized by the climate of stars, and the other areas belong to subtropical desert climate. In summer, it is hot and dry, and the highest temperature is above 50. The average annual rainfall is not more than 200 millimeters. Great challenges to our production line, construction standards for European standards, so the construction of natural conditions and technical difficulties are greater. In addition, when the production line started construction, customers do not know much about our company's technical level. To ensure the implementation of the project. My company's chief engineer and senior European R & D Department of veteran experts and local office staff conducted review of the project technical scheme and design drawings, put forward many specific technical requirements or restrictions. Faced with this situation. The heads of SBM research projects in Shanghai have overcome many difficulties in the environment. They have built a modern stone production line with a world level in a short period of time. The overall design and equipment allocation standard of this production line is higher, and the construction and installation quality is better. In recent years, we are engaged in the construction of stone production line in the high level of allocation, the scope of construction of the whole project. According to our mature technology and experience, combined with the requirements of customers and consulting engineers. Shanghai SBM successfully completed this large stone production line again in Saudi Arabia debut. Shanghai SBM is currently the leading mining equipment manufacturers, products involved in a number of industries, mainly in the processing and production of crushing and grinding equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, ball mill, cone crusher series of jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, in addition, also including the mining equipment, fluid equipment etc..

In the construction of modern large-scale stone crusher production line abroad, we must attach great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection and build green production line under the premise of reliable operation, simple operation and maintenance. In addition to achieving production capacity indicators, but also to achieve production power consumption, heat consumption targets, dust, harmful gases, noise emissions and other indicators. Therefore, in Saudi Arabia's design and construction, we have taken more technical measures to save energy and reduce emissions. Great investment has been made to ensure the energy consumption and the emission targets reach the world advanced level. Each host has adopted the world's advanced energy-saving environmental protection equipment and programs. The material conveying is mainly mechanical: the whole production line of the stone crusher is concise and fluent.

SBM staff in Shanghai visited the owners of various projects in Saudi Arabia, and learned from them the technical advantages of SBM equipment being trusted by the local people:

1) in recent years, Shanghai SBM new crushing and screening equipment technology has made great progress. Especially, the technical level of the new pre decomposition process is basically approaching or approaching the world advanced level. For example: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, PY spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ouban jaw crusher, impact crusher, the European version of VSI5X crusher, impact crusher, ball mill, LM vertical milling machine, MTW milling machine, vibrating screen, European style spiral sand washing machine, mobile crushing station equipment stone production line; production technology of our production lines to achieve the basic indexes reached the advanced level in the world; our production line mainly processes are realized automatic control, labor productivity of workers close to the world level;

2) foreign engineering has a new concept of construction. Because of the concept of design. There are a lot of differences between foreign owners and many Chinese owners, and it also puts forward higher requirements for us to engage in foreign projects. For example, they trust the reliability of equipments and production of factory automation will exceed the trust degree of artificial operation: for some poor working environment of the post, will use more machinery instead of manual operation, to reduce labor intensity. Embodies the concept of humanity, and so on. Therefore, foreign owners have high requirements for equipment reliability, automation control, operation environment comfort and so on.

3) optimization of technical solutions. The Saudi construction project, due to the short preparation time, is also the domestic technology for large engineering projects abroad earlier, from the US, some preparation is not sufficient, especially for foreign engineering standards unfamiliar, don't know much about the environment, encountered a lot of problems. From the foreign owners. We still do not understand technology or not rest assured, therefore, the owners rely heavily on consulting experts, in the technical scheme of our more interference, thus a lot of waste and imperfections caused in engineering. The overall layout of the production line, professional programs are still a lot of optimization, and so on.

With more and more overseas projects put into production, we should constantly sum up, accumulate experience, innovate constantly, communicate with foreign counterparts more, improve their technology and engineering level. In addition, with the increase of foreign counterparts to understand and trust us, we need to mature technology and equipment more adhere to the "to me", according to our more mature technology and experience to implement the project, so that our overseas project is becoming more and more perfect. As a well-known export enterprise of ore equipment, we know that there is still a gap compared with the world level.

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