Development Of Vibration Feeder

Vibrating feeder is the main equipment used in mineral processing, artificial sand and gravel line, coal preparation and other industries. In China's traditional production operations, most of the labor force is used to complete most of the production work. Therefore, the application history of feeder in our country is not very long. But since the advent of the feeder, has been in a state of continuous innovation.

The advangtage of our products

Today, feed equipment in China's production and research and development technology has been very mature. Part of the advanced domestic feed equipment is also very competitive in the international market. For example: Shanghai ZSW vibrating feeder has been in the international market has maintained a greater market competitiveness. Generally speaking, the mine vibration feeder is mainly used to supply raw materials from the storage bin or other storage equipment evenly or quantitatively to the receiving equipment, and it is the necessary equipment to realize the automatic production line production.

Vibration feeder is used in metallurgy, coal, electricity, chemical industry, building materials, light industry and food industry can be matched with other equipment is an important feeding equipment, realize feeding, feeding, mixing, quantitative packaging and process automation operation. Throughout the whole development process of feeding equipment, the feeder from production to research and subsequent technological innovation has gone through three stages of electromagnetic vibration, motor vibration and mechanical vibration.

Development to the present stage, the market although a variety of feeding equipment, but most manufacturers use GZD-type vibration feeder, ZSW-type vibration feeder, GZZ-type vibration feeder three models. So what is the difference between ZSW and GZD vibratory feeder? As we all know, in the choice of vibrating feeder to choose according to the specific properties of different material properties and equipment, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of equipment, in order to achieve stable and efficient production of feed. The GZD type vibration motor, vibration feeder is mainly composed of a supporting base, a frame, vibration damping spring, wear-resistant liner structure, forced vibration in the drive motor vibration spring device four supporting base, material force throws the movement forward in the continuous advancement, gradually feed to feeding device. The ZSW series vibrating feeder is a linear vibrating feeder, which can be used for continuous and even feeding of coarse crushing crusher and coarse screening of materials. The vibration feeder has the characteristics of stable vibration and reliable operation. Relatively speaking, it is more wear-resistant, optional VVVF motor, adjust the frequency, thus changing the production, easy to control the feeding amount, without frequent start motor.

The above is to the general development course of feeding equipment, but in recent years, many customers variety and quality requirements of the vibration feeder is more and more high, this has prompted the development of vibrating feeder will once again come to a new stage. ZSW420*110 vibratory feeder is developed in order to adapt to market changes, and its price is also very suitable for domestic use of many small and medium-sized manufacturers. It can be seen that the operation of safe, reliable operation of large-scale and systematic feeding equipment has gradually become the historical development trend of feeding equipment.

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