Double Roll Crusher Design

As a crushing equipment with high crushing efficiency and stable operation, the double roller crusher is widely used in the crushing production of ten iron and steel enterprises. At present, the domestic use of double roller crusher are mostly due to wear quickly, life is not long, the relevant theory of closed double roll crusher design is also less, the manufacturers are using experience design method for design of crusher, lack of theoretical basis, the overall stability and quality is not uniform, the structure size is too large. Increase the cost. Therefore, how to improve the working performance of double roller crusher and improve its service life is very important, and it has important theoretical and practical significance for the research and development of long life technology of metallurgical machinery.

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Because the crushing materials are mostly hard components, the wear of the crusher is very serious, especially in the crushing production of the sinter. The working temperature is 7500C-8500C, also with the high temperature oxidation, thermal shock and thermal fatigue and wear characteristics, comprehensive effect; add on sinter itself containing super hard impurities caused by wear, double roll crusher, the high rate of quality of raw ore proportioning process are different, the service life is long.

The double roll crusher condition, stress and wear this complex situation, on the double roll crusher wear and failure principle in-depth analysis machine, and considering the double roll crusher machine based on Wear Characteristics and application, combined with the optimization and fatigue calculation results, the design of anti - wear the. By selecting high quality wear resistant material, improving structure, making suitable surfacing scheme and industrial test, it is proved that the wear resistant design scheme is reasonable and effective, which lays a foundation for the longevity design and improvement of double roller crusher.

The double roller crusher machine production of iron and steel enterprise sinter major research, double roll crusher for long life is also more and more researchers pay attention to the research of long life technology, researchers at home and abroad in the single roll crusher and a new type of wear-resistant materials to do a lot of work, made a lot of achievements. The research of long double roll crusher of the program is focused on the use of modern CAD/CAE design method of parametric analysis and design or surface modification technology of two kinds of mode, or combine them to use.

The double roll crusher to analyze the mechanical properties and longevity research, and then developed in line with the trend of new metallurgical machinery development and modern iron and steel enterprises use requirements of long-life double roll crusher, has important practical significance:

  • 1, provide experience and reference for wear resistant technology research of easy wearing parts.
  • 2, provide a reference and basis for the establishment of a set of systematic metallurgical equipment anti wear technology treatment mechanism, and provide a method for the rapid and effective treatment of the wear problem of metallurgical machinery in the future.
  • 3, based on the double roll crusher main wear mechanics performance analysis and parameter design, optimization, can effectively reduce the design cycle of product, save a lot of cost, is conducive to promoting the continual emergence of new products, to provide support for the rapid and healthy development of the iron and steel enterprises.
  • 4, it is beneficial to reduce the times of maintenance, save the maintenance cost, improve the production efficiency and the overall stability and reliability of the related equipment, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers.
  • 5, it is beneficial to increase the output of iron and steel, reduce energy consumption, and improve comprehensive economic benefits.

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