Gold Ore Wet Plant

In the gold ore plant line, gold ore plant process flow of full wet process. This process is the first anode mud washing, sieving and filtering, and then with dilute sulfuric acid leaching of copper from copper slag, chloride leaching, organic chloride extraction, oxalic acid reduction of gold chloride or sponge; liquid sulfur dioxide or oxalic acid reduction, coarse gold concentrate, then gold electrolysis, slag cast (sodium sulfite or ammonia leaching silver, electrolytic reduction). Have a semi wet and wet process of gold and silver slag containing copper (not due to repeated acid leaching of gold and silver), low grade, fine granularity, return the copper smelting system, will cause the most gold and silver into the dust, so many smelters are as the waste residue.

The advangtage of our products

Due to wet plant process of copper anode slime leaching slag amount, plus environmental protection restrictions, so it is more effective and more economical method for the recovery of the slag of gold and silver, has very important practical significance.

Using a copper cyanide leaching process of zinc powder replacement a countercurrent washing recovery of slag in gold and silver: copper smelter slag leaching processing source is wide, anode mud leaching tailings fine granularity, low content of copper and sulfur, metal elements were too many compounds, return the copper smelting system will make metal elements is the most gold and silver into the dust. According to the properties of slag, copper ore can recover gold and silver from slag by various methods. Research shows that: the ammonia leaching silver, dilute acid washed repeatedly dissolved gold slag, only about 70% of the recovery of gold and silver, and the gold solution quality is poor, and the silver dispersion; using sodium sulfite leaching silver, gold dispersed serious, not to the final residue. The leaching rate of gold and silver is more than 95% when the ratio of solid to liquid is 1:3, the concentration of NaCN is 5% ~ 10%, and the dosage is less than 50K / T.

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