Lead Ore Processing Plant

China is rich in lead and zinc deposits, and lead and zinc reserves are the fourth largest in the world. Lead reserves of about 35000000 tons, zinc reserves of about 94 million tons. The origin of China lead zinc more than 700, a total of more than 8 million tons of lead and zinc reserves provinces mainly concentrated in Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Guangdong, Gansu, Guangxi and other places, of which Yunnan lead-zinc reserves amounted to 26 million tons, ranking the Chinese

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According to the different types of ore, lead and zinc ore beneficiation process is also different. With the improvement of lead-zinc ore dressing technology, the beneficiation processes commonly used in lead-zinc mine are gravity flotation, magnetic flotation, gravity magnetic flotation, etc.. The flotation of lead zinc ore can not be separated from flotation. In terms of flotation process, it can be divided into preferential flotation process and mixed flotation process, that is, the existence of floating lead or floating zinc or the mixing of lead and zinc.

Lead Ore Processing Plant

The lead ore processing plant will undergo crushing screening, grinding classification, flotation extraction, drying and dewatering, of which the crushing section adopts two closed circuit crushing, so as to provide better raw materials for the grinding stage. The whole production line is as follows:

  • 1, crushing and screening: after blasting lead by stone silos uniform into the jaw crusher in the preliminary crushing processing, then sent to the cone crusher crushing machine, followed by the circular vibrating screen is divided into a variety of different specifications, the stone will return again broken unqualified cone crusher;
  • 2, after crushing, grinding and classification: meet the requirements will be sent to the ore particle size lead in ball mill grinding process, grinding slurry will enter into the spiral classifier, does not meet the conditions will be sent back to the superiors to continue processing;
  • 3, flotation extraction: after grading qualified slurry material will enter into the mixing drum, add appropriate drugs, fully stir evenly, and then orderly sent to the flotation machine to be fully reacted, and finally lead concentrate;
  • 4, drying dehydration: lead concentrates after flotation containing water required by thickener initial concentration, then sent into the drying machine drying, can be refined lead concentrate powder.

Characteristics Of Lead Ore Processing Plant

SBM technology experts introduced the concept of international innovation, combined with domestic successful experience, combined with the actual needs of customers, designed lead ore beneficiation production line more scientific, more economical, more prominent features.

  • 1, the production line equipment selection of scientific, equipped with appropriate, process design is more reasonable, the whole production process more smooth, less failure, low cost;
  • 2, the production line energy saving effect is remarkable, save energy consumption, power consumption of more than 50%, reduce the flotation agent about 30%, can reduce the cost of nearly 30 thousand yuan;
  • 3, flotation accuracy increased by about 15%, more economic value, while tailings backwater recycling, saving water resources, reduce wastewater discharge;
  • 4, excellent flotation environment, no additional dust, noise, sewage and other environmental pollution, water flow, to achieve an ideal production state;
  • 5, the whole process of automatic design, simple operation, stable operation, save labor, materials and other costs, remote automatic operation.

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