Raymond Mill In Calcium Silicate Board

Speaking of Raymond Mill in calcium silicate board market prospects for development, many people will have doubts: "Raymond Mill" and what is the connection? Calcium silicate board as a new type of green building materials, composed of siliceous material, calcareous material, reinforced fiber materials and additives in a certain proportion with manufacturing, and the siliceous material, calcareous materials are all needed in Raymond mill ore mill to complete, thus there is a direct relationship between them inevitable. Analysis of the development prospects of the mill in the field of new building materials is the development potential of the new material itself.

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Calcium silicate board market prospects are affected by what factors, the following on the current domestic building materials market prices do the following simple analysis:

1, the impact of national policy: statistics show that in building energy consumption, retaining structure material insulation performance is poor, insulation technology backward, heat transfer energy consumption of up to 73%-77%. According to the plan of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, China will enforce the mandatory energy conservation standards. By 2020, the total energy consumption of the whole society will reach the overall goal of saving energy by 65%. If calculated according to this goal, each year on the building envelope energy-saving needs new investment of about 270 billion yuan, the market opportunity is enormous.

In 2012 the national affordable housing and shantytowns housing about 600-800 million units, calcium silicate board will build a successful breakthrough to market housing market from the public, the national "energy-saving emission reduction" policy, calcium silicate board products will be more alternative solid clay brick wall for residential. "Building materials to the countryside" pilot range is expected to continue to expand in 2012, to promote calcium silicate board and other emerging light building materials in the next few years, the demand continued to improve.

2, the utilization rate of resources (including energy, raw materials, labor costs): the global economic downturn caused by the unstable factors in the world, continuing to enhance the energy and raw material prices, domestic CPI high lead to rising labor costs, the calcium silicate board production enterprise survival pressure.

With the function of the calcium silicate board in the "green waste" has been excavated, some enterprises have added flyash and carbide slag and other raw materials, while reducing costs in response to the national energy-saving environmental protection policy, may obtain a certain degree of economic subsidies. Products made of asbestos free technology and products such as wollastonite are more competitive in the market. "Waste type" calcium silicate board market prospects are very promising, but also to promote the building materials market demand for Raymond Mill equipment.

3, related industry development: fixed investment growth slowed in 2012, real estate demand has been suppressed and other uncertainties, it is expected that in 2012 the growth of cement demand between 5-8%. Price fluctuations in cement industry also directly affect the cost of calcium silicate plate manufacturing enterprises.

Calcium silicate board in China's popularity rate of only 1%-2%, mainly for ceiling and wall. The prosperity of the housing market has a direct impact on the sales of new building materials such as calcium silicate boards. Although the real estate market in the purchase policy, sales continued to decline, but the protection of housing construction large-scale stable investment, making the entire new building materials industry is still profitable.

In today's environment more and more attention to the moment, the development of new green building has become a trend, the calcium silicate board will lead into a new era of development of new building materials, building materials market is excellent, directly affect the development of industrial milling industry, siliceous, calcareous material, fly ash, calcium carbide slag and other raw materials all cannot do without Raymond milling equipment, building materials recycling processing also need to support and help in crushing and grinding equipment, the new building materials led to the development of mining equipment, mining and milling machine development of new building materials industry strong shield, the two complement each other, mutual restriction.

Shanghai SBM calcium silicate mill optional types of Raymond mill, SCM ultrafine mill, the European version of the trapezoidal high-pressure grinding roller suspension, superfine powder processing, grinding mill are three available, supporting deep cavity cracking, hoist, analysis machine etc. constitute a complete set of calcium silicate board raw material mill production line.

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