Sintered Bauxite Raymond Mill

Sintered bauxite through the bauxite grinding mill processing, mainly used in refractory and abrasive industry, as well as some of the proppant used in industry and flux. Currently on non-metallurgical grade bauxite production is no accurate data from the official. Only a few countries in the world can produce sintered bauxite. According to statistical data from the US Geological Survey, in 2016 the world's bauxite production is about 244 million tons, the world's bauxite reserves of about 280 million tonnes. More than 95% of the bauxite used in metallurgical industry, mainly for alumina aluminum industry needs.

The advangtage of our products

Widely sintered bauxite, which is most of the time the application is in the form of powder application, it is necessary to use crusher, mill machines and other equipment. Shanghai SBM manufacturers of sintered bauxite powder processing recommended sintered bauxite raymond mill.

We found that in the actual application process, Raymond mill grinding bauxite in the process may still possess the domestic advanced level. Because it has a reasonable price, cost-effective features, and the praise of new and old customers.

Raymond mill is widely used in the mineral industry, it has a stable performance, wide application, simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, energy saving series of advantages, are high-tech abrasive products. Sintered bauxite raymond mill is a milling equipment SBM for the abrasive properties of bauxite in the traditional Raymond mill is technically designed. Its performance characteristics are:

  • 1, controlled product size adjustable, high separating efficiency;
  • 2, roller linked booster, advanced technology;
  • 3, curved duct, the small amount of wind damage, the material flow is good;
  • 4, the overall drive bevel gear, power loss, high efficiency;
  • 5, special grinding roller and grinding ring design, high grinding efficiency, low cost
  • 6, Surface can change blade cutter;

Sintered bauxite raymond mill general process is the result of a preliminary crushing - Conveyor delivered to the next link - After concentrator beneficiation - After grinding mill - finished raw materials. Throughout the process due to the nature of the material bauxite with good hardness is relatively low, for crushers, mills loss is very small.

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