Used Mobile Concrete Crusher

Concrete is one of the major contemporary civil engineering materials, it is made of cementitious materials, granular aggregate (also called aggregate), adding water and necessary admixture and additive according to a certain proportion, by mixing, compaction, an artificial stone made of curing.

The advangtage of our products

Concrete has the characteristics of rich material, low price and simple production process, which makes its dosage more and more big. At the same time, the concrete has high compressive strength, good durability, strength grade of a wide range of characteristics, these characteristics make the use of a very wide range, not only in civil engineering, is the shipbuilding industry, machinery industry, marine development, Geothermal Engineering, concrete is an important material.

With the continuous development of infrastructure in our country, crushing and processing building demolition, construction waste everywhere, our company according to the different characteristics of different concrete materials, development and production of used mobile concrete crusher is crushing equipment to waste concrete as raw material, widely used in metallurgy industry, construction industry, construction industry and other industries, especially the construction waste concrete crushing, crushing equipment in high yield, stable operation.

used mobile concrete crusher promote construction industry

My company produced the used mobile concrete crusher is in line with the material "the nearest treatment" principle, a series of concrete and developed crushing equipment, is widely used in mining, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, highway, railway construction and other industries.

used mobile concrete crusher in the construction industry

  • (1) disposal of waste building concrete and masonry. The waste concrete and waste brick will be made of coarse and coarse aggregate, coarse aggregate can be used in municipal construction and bridge, highway pavement base; fine aggregate can replace fine sand for infrastructure construction.
  • (2) disposal of waste bricks and tiles. The waste brick and tile can be used for producing recycled bricks, building blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials products. The reclaimed residues can be used for road construction, highway subgrade filling and so on.
  • (3) disposal of waste asphalt concrete. After crushing the waste road asphalt concrete, it can be directly used for recycled asphalt in proper proportion, and is used for road construction.
  • (4) disposal of waste road concrete. Waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.

Reinforced concrete recycling reuse, can fundamentally solve the land open dumps or landfill brought acquisition fee, transportation fees, construction funds, at the same time, also to solve the serious problem of environmental pollution removal and stacking process caused by the spill, dust, saving natural resources and sustainable development the requirements of.

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