White Cement Production Line

According to market demand, domestic demand for white cement has been increasing, but the domestic white cement production line technology level is not high, resulting in lower product quality. Our studied on the white cement production line. What are white cement production line equipment? White cement mill Which is better?

The advangtage of our products

White cement production process and ordinary gray cement production process is very different, such as limestone beneficiation, raw material preparation, clinker cooler, clinker grinding, cement packaging compared with ordinary Portland cement, both in process and equipment selection is unique.

Characteristics Of White Cement

  • 1, small particle size into the mill, powder and more: The results show that white cement clinker grinding clinker people more granular, have more powder, fine powder content (80m) to reach about 55%;
  • 2, fragile hard grind: Grinding Work Index is only 6.32kWH / t, but the T3000 = 63.7min, clinker 57min higher than the normal 12%, indicating that clinker crushing is easy but difficult to finely ground, and out of a warehouse fine grain material granularity than ordinary double warehouse mill. This is due to the white cement clinker in the bleacher water cooling form a dense glassy phase particles small but hard grind, abrasive high.
  • 3, large water content: clinker due to drift through water cooling process, the water content is much higher than the gray cement clinker, clinker water content is generally from 0% to 0.5%, white cement clinker at about 1% -2% grasping a wet feeling, easy to paste production sphere.

White Cement Production Line Process

1, raw ingredients

The total white cement production line design principles are: non-ferrous metal elements to minimize pollution and ensure a clinker kiln quench effect to give cement clinker spoilers high whiteness.

In order to ensure compliance whiteness of cement, raw materials must be selected in order to limit the coloring oxide content. Thus white cement raw material commonly used pure limestone (calcareous material), kaolin (clay feedstock), quartz sand (correction material), select the white alabaster or high-fiber gypsum as retarder.

2, raw material preparation

The key raw material preparation system is to make the raw materials, finished products made to meet the requirements of calcined burning system. For white cement firing characteristics, raw material preparation using a combination of wet and dry processes. For grindability poor siliceous material that is pyrophyllite and quartz sandstone with a separate grinding process, and generally a lot of fine raw material grinding fineness than the general to 45μm sieve 5%, which has met or exceeded fineness Portland cement.

3, raw material grinding

Raw material after the first crushing jaw crusher to size 25mm, then feed the people were crushing cone crusher. Particle Size after crushing can reach 3mm, then two parallel separate wet grinding mill, which is to reduce dust pollution on the environment. The abrasive slurry moisture content is generally 45% to 50%, the fineness of control 45μm sieve 5%.

Stone slurry in roller mill and other raw materials mixing, drying out, to ensure that the composition, fineness and water qualified roller mill. Roller mill raw material fineness control 90μm sieve 5% Moisture 0.5%. Since the raw material preparation process using two lines of wet and dry grinding, respectively, and the moisture content of more than 45% stone slurry, so that the overall human ground water as high as 15%, so the raw material composition and stability within the material drying roller mill is designed the biggest difficulty.

4, clinker burning

With the above firing system designed to ensure that the temperature of the exhaust gas preheater kiln barrel level is 350 ~ 380 ℃, in addition to meet the raw material drying, there is a greater use of space. Through a heat exchanger in the kiln can be improved kiln exhaust gas waste heat utilization, achieve the purpose of energy saving.

5, clinker bleaching

Bleached white cement clinker is an important step in improving the clinker firing whiteness. Currently, white cement clinker bleaching process at home and abroad are mainly the following methods:

  • Water bath method: high temperature kiln clinker from the kiln directly into the pool, cooled with water, the use of zippers and other equipment removed clinker. The method of high energy consumption, clinker after flooding partially hydrated reduces the strength of clinker.
  • Rotary kiln spray method: water spray to cool before taking the clinker kiln, while the reducing agent is injected into the stop generating Fe203, which part of the water vapor increases the kiln system energy consumption, affecting the normal operation of the rotary kiln.
  • Bleacher law: monocular bleacher arrangement within a certain nozzle, uniform spray cooling water onto the clinker, steam vaporized by the exhaust pipe is withdrawn directly into the cooked monocular bleacher clinker is cooled to 50 ~ 150 ℃ material library. The conventional method for the white cement clinker production line and the main bleaching process cooling, are widely used.

In short, for white cement clinker production line, it must be strictly controlled colorant content in the original fuel, while the need for clinker burning, clinker bleaching treatment, cement grinding and other key production process control, so that only good quality produce high whiteness of white cement.

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